Chemical eCommerce Platform

eCommerce for Chemistry

Customers shopping for small organic molecule products expect to browse, search, and buy them online. General-purpose eCommerce solutions exist, but none support the structure-based features your technically-minded customers expect, including: exact- and substructure search; 2D structure images; chemical properties; and structure-based categorization.

The Problem with Do-it-Yourself

You could hire a team to add the missing software to an existing eCommerce platform, but few have the chemistry and cheminformatics expertise needed for such a complex project. Picking the wrong team can cost time and money, and put you in charge of a complex software development project. Hidden maintence costs often include manual data curation, saddling you with expense and data integrity issues for years to come.

What's needed is a completely different approach to chemical eCommerce. That's where Kemga comes in.

Introducing Kemga

Kemga is the eCommerce platform for companies that sell small organic molecule products. Placing the chemical structure center stage yields a powerful set of automated features, including:

Kemga is powerful, but it's also easy to use. Begin with a catalog file in Excel, CSV, or SDF formats. Using this file, Kemga builds a fully-functional website. Product updates work the same way.

Batteries Included

Kemga is a complete, integrated solution. There's no software to buy, install, or maintain. There are no databases to create or tune. There are no servers to rent, secure, or update. Gone is the need to hire and manage a technical team that understands chemistry, software development, and Web design. Kemga handles these and many other details so you don't have to.

Live Demo

This site demonstrates Kemga's current capabilities. The basic design can be customized to fit your company's exact needs. Kemga was created by Metamolecular, a leader in Web-based chemical information tools since 2007.

Start Now

A Kemga preview is available to qualifying companies. Find out more by email.